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I was nominated to join the Warrior Troop and now I am on the Waiting List for my NillyNoggin EEG Cap!

I am SO excited to receive my NillyNoggin cap!

I’m even more excited to be part of the Warrior Troop at Hannahtopia.

The Troop is made up of amazing warriors like me – kids and adults who face medical challenges every day. Hannahtopia helps us by bringing fun, color and comfort to our lives. Creating positive happy moments. Happiness is SO important – it helps with the healing process!

My medical condition requires me to get EEG tests that are very medically sterile looking and often scary.

Sometimes an EEG is worn for days, in public, and people often stare. The NillyNoggin covers up this scary medical look. It puts a positive, happy twist on the EEG procedure that some of us have to get a lot. The NillyNoggin cap is comfortable and colorful! Lots of people will come up to talk with me ’cause it’s so cool! It will also give me confidence and comfort!

I am so excited to receive my NillyNoggin!

Can you help me? I’m on the Waiting List for my NillyNoggin.

There are A LOT of other amazing warriors waiting as well. If we can raise $50 then my NillyNoggin cap will be sponsored and I won’t have to wait!

Plus if we work together we can achieve even more! If we raise over $50, we can help sponsor NillyNoggin caps for other warriors on the Waiting List!

I would really like to help my warriors in the troop. I know what it means to fight every day and it’s easier with a troop of warriors fighting alongside me.

Our little one has the sweetest smile and kind heart . He loves his iron man and woody and buzz. He enjoys play cooking and having fun adventures with his family. He loves his big brother and they enjoy playing games together.One Sunday morning changed our lives. We awoke to a nightmare. Axl screamed and turned blue . We were in shock . Out of nowhere he began to shake and crazily for a moment as a health care workers I was relieved . I thought he wasn’t breathing and we’d lose him,if this is a seizure it’ll just pass right? .That quickly changed as the seizure didn’t stop. It kept on for 5 min. Fast forward to almost a year now we’ve been in and out of hospitals our longest stay with 6 days with an EEG. He had to undergo IVs different scans the poking the late nights not being able to sleep in a hospital that he wasn’t familiar with people he didn’t know. Countless tests doctor’s appointments and let’s not mention the different medications that we’ve had to try because some weren’t working. We go in one med and he’d have a different type of seizure then the doctor would put us on another and he’d have another different type of seizure we were at our wit’s end until we found an amazing doctor who gave us encouragement and faith. In this time I’ve seen him cry I’ve seen his blue eyes turned so red from fear and hurt. But nonetheless he still has the most beautiful smile and kind heart. He loves everybody he meets. He is our miracle from God and we adore him.

Axl M.

by Heather Shuker

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